• Super League Clubs Threaten to Sue Catalans for Signing Folau

    It would appear, judging from the amount of unfriendly fire being drawn by Israel Folau, that the world is made up entirely of drunks, homosexuals and adulterers.

    The storm surrounding Folau continues unabated, as Super League clubs are revolting over Folau’s recent signing with Catalans Dragons.

    Catalans were caught off guard by the vehemence of the objections, calling the hysteria (our word) a “chorus of condemnation.”

    Aye, those who preach inclusivity would love to be judge and jury over who is worthy of inclusion.

    Hull KR owner Neil Hugdell is actually pondering a course of legal action to prevent Folau’s playing in the Super League.

    Hugdell said, “I reserve my position to take proceedings v Catalans Dragons,” he said in an email obtained by the BBC.

    Hugdell concern is that sponsors would pull away from backing Super League because of the baggage of controversy Folau carries with him everywhere he goes.

    We have seen beer ads connected to sports, but none of the other lifestyle choices intent on punishing Folau seem to be in direct sponsorship relations with any sports, so far as we can determine.

    How long before some Islamic or Arabic group decides that Folau’s first name offends?

    To outline his case, Hugdell said, “For example, if title sponsor withdraws, or external investment is not secured, or quantifiable reputational damage is caused to the brand of Super League and its members.”

    Hugdell said he has the backing of other Super League clubs.

    The main ruffling of feathers, it would seem, is the fact that Catalans did not seek the blessing of the other Super League clubs, a group Hugdell implied as “Nearly all,” of the league.

    Folau did not play the opening round of Super League over the past weekend, but he could be on the ground for round two, although it would seem that it would be accompanied by much wailing, gnashing of teeth and rending of garments.

    Might we say torn lawsuits?

    Catalans might have to issue Folau a kit with a target on the back in lieu of a number.