• NRL Player Wagering Ban Snags Simona

    The NRL apparently does not suffer from ambiguity when it comes to mobile wagering apps, telling Warriors’ players and those on the other sides that the best suggestion they can offer is for players to delete mobile wagering apps entirely so as not to succumb to the temptation to make punts on their own games, especially after the recent case of a player placing an exotic wager on a player from the opposition team.

    The story involving Auckland born Wests Tigers centre Tim Simona was the impetus behind the suggestion that players go above and beyond to avoid even the suggestion of impropriety. There is already a ban imposed on wagering of any kind by players, coaches, officials and player agents, so it is uncertain what, if any, sort of defense Simona might be able to mount.

    Simona faces the possibility of being banned for life.

    He certainly cannot claim ignorance, as Nick Weeks, who heads the integrity unit of the NRL, met with all clubs and players last year to unequivocally point out that wagering of any kind was impermissible. This was when players were advised to erase any wagering apps in order to observe the regulation.