• Foran Shoulder Surgery Rehabilitation May Delay Warriors Debut

    Supporters of the NRL’s New Zealand Warriors have been notified that the highly anticipated run out of Kieran Foran might not be as soon as expected.

    He is eligible to return from suspension for a positive illicit drug test following last year’s NRL Grand Final from round three, but now it appears that his shoulder injury that was surgically repaired last year is slowing him down to the extent that he could be out until round eight.

    When and if Foran returns is a matter of pure speculation, the kind of speculation we enjoy immensely, much more so than the impure kind.

    Foran will pair with halfback and Kiwis teammate Shaun Johnson when he gets back on, assuming that nothing happens to Johnson during the interval of Foran’s absence.

    Warriors’ CEO Jim Doyle told the media, specifically the Sydney Daily Telegraph, that Foran will be back in a couple of weeks and that he should be ready well ahead of the worst-case scenario that has him absent for seven games.

    Warriors’ fans can only hope that their highly paid acquisition earns the contents of his pay envelope at some point, and if he were to be a major contributor when it gets to crunch time, no one will hold missing some of the early rounds against him.