• Gold Coast Titan Train Wreck Features no Shortage of Rubber Neckers

    Incoming Gold Coast Titans’ coach Justin Holbrook might have endured a blow to his confidence from watching Gold Coast endure a humiliating loss to Sydney in the last round of the Telstra 2019 NRL Premiership competition.

    Some allowance must be made for the Titans playing at SCG, but we do not think that allowance should equate to 44 points.

    The situation at Gold Coast is one of turmoil, surrounded by confusion, wrapped in disarray to such an extent that the dreaded “R” word, that is Relocation, not Relegation, has come up of late.

    The co-captain of the Titans, Kevin Proctor, apologised to anyone and everyone who feels wronged, which is a large group.

    Proctor did not use social media to deliver his mea culpa, he actually used old school letter writing for his prostration to the Titans’ members.

    In part, his missive read, “I would like to start by apologising to you, our members, for the performance of the team on Sunday – it was unacceptable.”

    Proctor went on to include some other well-composed thoughts, to a degree that makes us fear for our jobs, eloquent as was his message.

    He included a promise and a request, “We will not give up. We hope that you will not give up on us.”

    Holbrook, wildly successful in the English Super League as the coach of St. Helens, admitted that his qualifications for a head job in the NRL might be slim, but we would argue that not even All Blacks coach Stephen Kearney could coax anything beyond an additional one or two wins from the Titans.

    Head of Culture at Gold Coast mal Meninga has got to be wondering how he became embroiled in this hot mess and he has informed the playing group that the final five weeks of the season will determine the fates of many of the current playing group.

    Interestingly, Holbrook and Meninga share a St. Helens connection.

    Meninga played with the English side in the 1984 – 1985 Rugby Football league.