• Dealer Takes All Ties is a Blackjack not Cricket Rule

    Discussions of a rematch between the Black Caps and the Poms when the Brits tour for two Tests and five T20s in November, but the idea of changing one of the T20s to an ODI does not seem to have a lot of support.

    How about this, then?

    The Black Caps to spot England 10 runs, one wicket and a couple of overs, with all ties going to England.

    The idea floated was to change one of the T20s to an ODI.

    In a radio interview on Radio Sport, New Zealand Cricket chief David White was asked about the prospect of the modification to the schedule.

    Australia are hosting a cricket World Cup in 2020, so it seems only fitting that the tournament will be the T20 format.

    White’s response to the inquiry regarding switching one of the T20s to an ODI was, “It’s not on the table at the moment.”

    New Zealand Cricket needs the T20 preparations more than it needs revenge for the “loss” in the ICC ODI World Cup that recently concluded.

    White expressed a degree of certainty that the format would not be changed and the very idea seems a bit preposterous, as England have publicly stated that they are sending a B list for the November tour.

    If it were football, as in soccer, the Test matches between New Zealand and England could be dubbed friendlies, as they carry no significance in the World Test Championship.

    England head man Ashley Giles told Cricinfo, “We’re not trying to lessen the importance of that series, but it’s not in the World Test Championship.”

    England coach Trevor Bliss is calling time after the Ashes with Australia, so British cricket might be taking a spell, although they will gladly sell tickets to any and all comers.

    Giles went on to counter that he expected the Brits to send a strong squad, which somewhat supports our ticket selling speculation.

    Were we English cricketers, we would put our hands up high for an opportunity to escape England in November for a trip to the paradise of New Zealand, but tours of this nature seldom have a lot of recreational elements involved.