• Foran Confirms Departure From Warriors for Sydney Bulldogs

    Ending speculation about his future destination, Kieran Foran has confirmed that he will abandon Mt. Smart at the conclusion of the 2017 Telstra NRL Premiership competition and will return to Sydney in 2018 to take up a three-year deal with the Bulldogs.

    He also indicated that his plan for the New Zeeland Warriors never was intended to last more than one year.

    When the Bulldogs parted ways with Josh Reynolds, Foran’s move seemed everything but a foregone conclusion.

    Foran cited his two young children in Sydney as a primary motivator, which would seem to indicate that he has different priorities from those that caused him to experience so many off-field issues, primary of which was a seeming unwillingness to continue playing rugby anywhere for anyone.

    During a radio interview, Foran said, “I am very grateful and thankful to the Warriors for reaching out and offering me [the] opportunities but [that] was always in the back of our minds – that one year was probably what I was looking at. Although it would have been nice to potentially extend longer it just wasn’t going to be viable with the two young kids.”

    He also indicated that the Bulldogs and the Bulldogs only were ever on his mind, even though other Sydney clubs expressed interest.