• Canberra Snow Storm Deadly for Rugby Players Bromwich and Proctor

    Judging from their official team photographs, two Kiwi rugby players recently caught on closed circuit television purchasing and snorting cocaine in Canberra’s CBD do not appear to be the sort, but our judgement has often come into question, so with will withhold it for the time being.

    News reports indicate that the nefarious duo is Jesse Bromwich and Kevin Proctor, who apparently were despondent after being outclassed by the Aussies 30 – 12 in the Anzac Test at GIO Stadium.

    The incident could result in the pair being banned from the Rugby League World Cup in October, but there were some more immediate consequences.

    Bromwich has stood down from the captaincy role he occupied for the Kiwis and his NRL club, the Melbourne Storm, has suspended him for three matches. Apparently, he felt the matter was so cut-and-dried that he waived his right to stand before the Storm’s board.

    Proctor abandoned his co-captaincy position with the Gold Coast Titans and voluntarily chose to suspend his NRL playing and there could be additional sanctions in his near future.

    Boys, boys, boys!

    At least they showed the good sense not to post selfies of their exploits, but apparently, they forgot that each and every one of us is under 24-hour surveillance from omnipresent video sources.