• Warriors Replace Large Swath of Turf Post-Adele and Pre-Titans

    A sold-out and rain-soaked Mt Smart Stadium needed large portions of the turf replaced after British pop singer Adele put on three shows at the venue, and no, she was not grazing on the grass, shame on you for even thinking that.

    Grass does seem to suffer from her presence, though, as the same restorative measures were needed after she visited The Gabba in Brisbane and Sydney’s ANZ Stadium.

    Neither is it true that the notorious diva suffers from grass allergies and demanded the fields be treated with defoliant chemicals as the price of her showing up.

    The New Zealand Warriors have a match at Mt Smart against the Gold Coast Titans and they expressed that the new surface will hold up to the turf-chewing antics of Jarryd Hayne and his cohort.

    The production of an Adele concert is somewhat akin to the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, with a stage that towers 25 metres above the ground and requires the better part of a day to set up using 120 tons of steel and almost 5,000 metres of rigging chain.

    To her everlasting credit, Adele did not balk at singing in the heavy rain that fell throughout the third and final concert, and no, she had nothing to do with the condition of the Indian pitch during Australia’s recent Test tour of the sub-continent.