• Warriors not Privy to NRL Plans to Restart Competition

    The New Zealand Warriors deserve better.

    They have yet to learn their fate with regard to the NRL’s plans to restart the competition at the end of May.

    No fuss, you say? The end of May is a long ways away.

    But in order to participate, the Warriors club would have to embark on a flight to Australia well ahead of May 28 in order to fulfill a requirement that the club be quarantined for a minimum of 14 days before they could be cleared to play.

    Cameron George, as chief executive of the Warriors, sent an email marked urgent to the league to inquire about the club’s role in a re-formatted Telstra Premiership competition.

    He now knows the feeling many of us experience when we contact customer support and receive an automated reply telling us only that our message has been received and that someone will get back to us sooner or later.

    Hopefully, George did not get the automated reply. It does seem that he has gotten only crickets in response to his questions about the revised fixture, where the players will be based and if their families will be permitted to join them in Australia.

    Asked about his inquiry, George told reporters, “No – I haven’t had any feedback as of yet. Obviously they’re working through it at their end with a number of points. I did mark it urgent, so … Until we hear, we can’t make any firm decisions.”

    The NRL does seem to have a sense of urgency about restarting, but that urgency apparently does not include the CEO of the Warriors and the rest of the club.

    The truly interesting aspect of all this is that the NRL is proposing a conference system, but one of the sticking points of resuming play is the necessity of broadcasters giving their blessing to a reformatted NRL fixture.

    Apparently, the game broadcasters’ preference would be for the NRL to play its complete fixture by stretching the competition into November.