• V8 Champion Whincup Leaves Fiancé Standing at the Altar

    Unable to resist drama in any shape, we do have to give a nod to V8 Supercars driver Jamie Whincup, who has seemingly had his cake and eaten it too, basking as the centre of attention at his bachelor feat, and then calling off the wedding the following day.

    The only aspect lacking was that Whincup did not follow proper etiquette by having the stag on the eve of the wedding, but just the same, waiting until after the party to announce his intentions was timing of the sort that undoubtedly contributed to Whincup’s six Supercars championships.

    Anyone future brides to be might want to keep an eye out for a bargain wedding dress that Whincup long-time partner Courtney Nicholson might be wanting to dispose of cheaply.

    Doubts and second thoughts have been plaguing prospective grooms since time immemorial, and many is the man who lived to regret living up to his word, but we cannot help describing Whincup’s move as somewhat boorish.

    The split was announced in The Sunday Telegraph, with an unnamed source describing it as a huge shock.

    Whincup himself was tight-lipped when asked to comment, saying that he preferred to keep his personal life private.