• Super Rugby Fans Clubs Players Lingering in Limbo

    Super Rugby, having some organisational issues, took quite some time in announcing the results of a recent round of tinkering with the format, something that created some level of frustration for all interested parties.

    From a distant perspective, it would seem as though the main impediment to Super Rugby is the NRL, however, there are other factors involved, such as foreign teams poaching players and some time zone issues that make for an odd bracketing system.

    New Zealand Rugby boss Steve Tew said as much regarding the decisions that have taken over two weeks to be announced.

    All that happened was that the SANZAAR governing body said there would be a shake-up, but then went mute as speculation ran rampant.

    With rugby clubs in 16 time zones and four continents, it is easy to imagine that fans, players and just about anyone else with a dog in the fight was frustrated about the current structure, however, the solutions to the issues confronting Super Rugby is not so simple as it might seem to some.

    Rumour has it that the competition will cut three teams, two from South Africa and one from Australia, but without any definitive confirmation, there is a cloud of uncertainty that is almost palpable and the lack of any announcement by SANZAAR only makes the cloud more opaque.