• Steven Adams a Powerful Lure if Dangled by the Thunder

    It is fortunate for us that our necks are made of perfectly flexible rubber and that is all we will say further about the train wreck/car crash/airliner disaster that represents the kerfuffle between a certain star footballer and the sport’s justice league.

    We will not say further, but we will be watching, as looking away is impossible.

    Any of those out there of like mind can fore-go contributions to this cause.

    On to other business.

    There is talk afoot of Steven Adams going from Oklahoma City to Boston.

    For a big player who does big player stuff, save scoring, Adams is paid handsomely. He is New Zealand’s highest paid sportsman.

    There are two more seasons remaining of Adams’ four-year $US 100 million contract, limiting the number of NBA clubs with the war chest to lure Adams.

    OKC might be in the market for a more offensively minded player, someone who can take a few shots from primary scorers Michael Westbrook and Paul George.

    Adams is averaging 6.2 points per game during his career. Six years now, he has been relying on his other skills.

    Imagine what he could earn were he to average 10-points per game.

    It is not necessary, as he had a career-best 13.9 per game and the mere fact that he could be involved in a player transaction of mutual benefit to he and OKC hints at some keen business skills on the part of everyone.

    Oklahoma City would capture the financial benefit of saving Adams salary agasint their cap. Adams, Westbrook and George combined are compensated by almost 90 percent of the team’s player budget.

    The Sacramento Kings could be in the picture as well.

    They will need someone in the event that their current starter, Willie Cauley-Stein, is looking for a different environment.

    Adams is also relevant at this moment in time, as his absolute refusal to play rep hoop for New Zealand through his decision never to play international basketball elicits comments from the patriotic and the quasi-patriotic.