• NRL Players with Covid-19 Symptoms Barred from Training Grounds

    Four or five months ago, Latrell Mitchell might have dismissed respiratory symptoms as a mild head cold, but one thing is definitely certain-this is not four or five months ago.

    Mitchell was one of four South Sydney Rabbitohs players told he was unwelcome at training. He and the others have been tested for Covid-19, with the outcome still to be determined.

    Wayne Bennet told the Sydney Morning Herald about Mitchell, but he would not disclose the identities of the other players over privacy concerns.

    “We are all following protocols. We all want to be back playing footy and we all understand what it is going to take – there wasn’t one complaint today,” Bennett told The Sydney Morning Herald on Monday night.

    Mitchell and some of his mates went on a hunting trip and posted a picture of a group 12, a group that included Josh Addo-Carr.

    Judging by the look of it, the NRL could have easily fined the whole lot for excessive flannel.

    Mitchell was fined $30,000 by the league for violating social distancing regulations. He was stopped at the fence to the Bunnies’ training ground. Each club has put strict screening protocols in place.

    Some might say those measure are draconian, but no one can accuse the league of not being specific regarding their health expectations.

    The NRL is absolutely frantic to get play resumed by the end of May, so the slightest hint of a health issue sets the alarms shrieking.

    Addo-Carr was permitted into Melbourne education day, as was Tyrone Robert-Davis with the Newcastle Knights.

    Bennet related that every player was subjected to the same battery of questions, asking about symptoms such as sore throat, runny nose or coughing.

    If the players’ tests come back negative, they will be allowed to enter the Souths training facility.