• NRL Finds Brilliant Fix for Resuming with New Zealand Warriors

    It seems so common sense that we wonder why no one thought of it sooner.

    Someone other than us, that is.

    The NRL wants to resume playing, but border restrictions meant that the Warriors would have either to shift the club to some locale in Australia, or be left out of the May 28 restart.

    The simple solution was to grant an exemption for the Warriors and given some of the head-scratching news and decisions we have seen from the NRL in the past, the logic of the border exemption is startling.

    Neither New nor Australia has had much of an issue with the global pandemic. Australia reports as of today indicate 6,720 cases of Covid-19, with 5,586 cases of people who contracted the virus and then recovered.

    New Zealand reports 1,122 confirmed cases with 1,180 recovered.

    Both countries have nearly flattened the graph of new cases from peaks at the beginning of April.

    The NRL want to restart. Football fans want the NRL to restart.

    Even though the Warriors are atypical when it comes to rugby prowess, keeping them out of the abbreviated fixture made little sense.

    Santitise the dickens out of the Warriors, send them across the ditch, isolate them for a fortnight, during which they could train, and then follow the remarkably effective regimen that has made Australia and New Zealand poster children for how to deal with a viral outbreak.

    We do not exactly know who or which entity came up with the idea, but you-know-who was not far from the scene.

    “We appreciate the federal government in giving us an exemption to allow the Warriors to come into the country,” ARLC chairman Peter V’landys told the Sydney Morning Herald. “We are now working with the NSW state government to get approval that will allow them to train while in isolation.”

    A potential base for the Warriors is Tamworth, NSW.