• November Tests in England and Ireland Offer Kiwi Salvation

    The All Blacks do not want to simply beat England; they want to pummel them, even if beating the Irish would be more satisfying.

    Of course, Kiwi fans expect the ABs to beat both northern hemisphere sides, as what many consider a Kiwi birthright.

    England Coach Eddie Jones and his Irish counterpart Joe Schmidt will have some time for preparation until the New Zealand side tours the north in November.

    There was a certain crowd in the north that felt the England Test should be moved up, as England is undergoing what could be described as a meteoric rise under Jones.

    It was not long ago that the Brits were humbled in Six Nations, with England beaten by the Barbarian club side. The Springboks piled on further abuse. Jones and the boys had slipped to number four in the rankings and as an Aussie, Jones was subjected to the cruelest sledging imaginable.

    Ireland has been successful because they have a Kiwi coach that has seen the tiny nation rise to number two in the world following an undefeated march through Six Nations. Their position was bolstered by a series win over the Wallabies, in Wallaby country.

    There is a revenge motive for the All Blacks as well. They lost to the Irish in a shocker in the U.S., Chicago, to be geographically exact, but at the moment it seems the British are the primary target when the ABs play in London on November 10. Ireland comes just a week later, in Dublin.

    Some feel that anything less than a decisive win by England will cost Jones his job, but he does have his work cut out for him, as the Wallabies and the Springboks will also make appearances in England in November.

    The Kiwis seem to reserve their most fervent hatred for England, whether out of a distaste for the colonial order, the warm bloody beer or the incessantly rainy clime and the ABs will do anything and everything in their power to put Jones in his and England in their place.