• News That Foran Will Join Bulldogs in 2018 Hopefully Not Fake

    The 2018 Telstra NRL Premiership competition is well in the future, so the news that the Canterbury Bulldogs have won the Kieran Foran lottery, if “won” would be the correct word, would seem to indicate that the Bulldogs have a year’s worth of anxiety with which to deal, as a year in Foran’s life can supply many opportunities for all manner of events.

    The Bulldogs also grabbed Aaron Woods from Wests Tigers and nearly succeeded in bagging fellow Tiger James Tedesco, but Tedesco was snared by the Sydney Roosters.

    Foran secured a three-year deal with the Bulldogs, which would seem to imply that the Bulldogs have a tumultuous four-year future.

    The signings have yet to be announced by the Bulldogs, but they will make it official next week, and we cannot resist saying that even a week in an eternity for a player who lives moment to moment in the present.

    In an indication of the tumult that is the Wests Tigers, the club supposedly has not been made aware of the departures of Woods and Tedesco, but word was leaked through Tigers teammates.

    Foran rejected the Storm and the Newcastle Knights. Those two sides can get together for a coldie and breath a collective sigh of relief, and then sit back and watch events unfold.

    The next moves of interest is what the Bulldogs will do in order of player movement to make room for Foran and Woods. The Roosters will also have players available to make room for Tedesco.