• New Zealand Snow Storm Makes Slippery Slope for Rugby Elite

    Actions carry consequences. Pure and simple. Pure as the driven snow.

    Why then would Kiwi rugby legend Jeremy Smith then think it okay to chide World Cup rookie Coach David Kidwell for axing Jesse Bromwich and Kevin Proctor from the World Cup squad?

    Maybe he thinks the pair’s axing was premature, as at this point, their use of cocaine in Canberra following the Anzac Test in May is alleged only, but is not the job of the coach to pick a side that best reflects the ideals of the game.

    Basically, it is fine to be a hooligan on the ground, but allowing those things to spill over outside the game only drives the majority away from the game as they grow jaundiced from seeing pampered men acting like school boys and getting away with it.

    Smith expressed the view that depriving Bromwich and Proctor of the opportunity to represent in the world cup might have serious repercussions on the team culture.

    What team culture would that be, we wonder?

    “Hey lads, lets duck into the loo at the pub after we’re sufficiently pissed and pack our noses.”

    New Zealand is better off without the two if that is their idea of “team culture.”

    Kidwell’s decision did have the impact of moving Jason Taumalolo deciding to play for Tonga rather than New Zealand. He apparently was showing solidarity for his allegedly snorting mates.

    The sorry state of affairs now means the NZRL faces the prospect of preparing for the World Cup without three of their best players.

    Although the entire country eats, breathes and sleeps rugby, what sort of signal does it send to the youth of the nation if everyone is told to look the other way when star players act in a moronic fashion?

    At best, a rugby player can persevere until the age of 35. That leaves plenty of time to partake of allegedly illegal recreational drugs.

    Wait, then, Bromwich and Proctor publicly apologized and did community work and what not to show their remorse.

    Well, then, all if forgiven lads and laws are meant for everyday people, not the gods of rugby.