• New Zealand Black Wave Rolls in on Unfortunate All Blacks Opponents

    Bad news, all you non-New Zealand international rugby fans out there in football land.

    The All Blacks are on a try-scoring binge.

    If they continue on their current pace for their remaining eight Tests, they will notch 86 tries, five better than the 81 from 14 Tests they scored in 2003.

    The record of 81 was threatened in 2007, when the ABs had 80 tries, but they only played 12 Tests that year, as opposed to the 14 they will play in this year.

    The record was under assault in 2016, as well, when the squad crossed the line 80 times in 14 Tests.

    For 2018, the team has scored 37 tries in six Tests for an average of 6.17 per game. They have eight more opportunities in 2018.

    This is the sort of information that will not go over well in Wallaby land.

    In 1995, they scored 71 in 12 Tests, even though a ridiculous number, 21 tries, came against Japan.

    The All Blacks are not reticent about running up the score on the minnows. They beat Italy 70 – 6 in 1987 and Fiji by the margin of 74 – 13. Italy was again of the receiving end of a 76 – 14 outcome in 2007. Portugal fell 108 -14 that same year, along with Romania, which went down 85 – 8.

    What’s this then ABs?

    Time to start pitching some shutouts, wouldn’t you say?

    This year, the French team had to endure the hop to Auckland, only to find themselves the victims of a 52 – 11 beating.

    Even the Wallabies are not immune. NZ ran six tries in during the Bledisloe Cup in the first two games of the series, and then subjected Argentina to a similar display.

    Even when injuries dictate that the ABs fall back on backup players due to injuries, they keep chugging along with nary a hitch.

    The squad has just one more home game for this year, with the final seven coming on the road.

    It would be natural to expect the tries to drop off somewhat, or would it?