• Millions Go Up in Smoke as Smith Warner Ball Tampering Inferno Rages

    David Warner, the alleged mastermind behind the ball tampering scheme in the third Test in South Africa, might come to view his 12 month ban by Cricket Australia as the best thing, or the least of his worries, to come out of the tawdry affair.

    Standing aside for a moment, we are issuing a call to the more creative to come up with a good name for the incident. Something along the lines of the “Fine Cotton Affair,” or “The Great Train Robbery.”

    We ourselves have drawn a blank. Our only offering so far is “Woe Amongst the Willows,” but that is the best we have been able to do.

    Back to Warner, not being able to play state or international cricket for a year might seem a blessing compared to the blow he is set to take in his hip pocket.

    Agent Max Markson has warned that the players will, “Lose every single one,” of their contracts.

    One, there is the loss of playing contracts in the Indian Premier League.

    Playing contracts are one thing. The players have to play in order to earn.

    Getting paid for doing nothing via corporate sponsorships is another.

    Multinational conglomerate LG Corporation has indicated that it is taking a look at its relationship with Warner and “re-evaluating” that relationship. That process did not take long, as the company yesterday announced that it will cut ties with the 31-year-old Warner.

    “LG’s current sponsorship of David Warner is in the final weeks, and in light of recent events we have decided not to renew our partnership,” the company said, according to Fairfax Media.

    “LG Australia will always look to work with ambassadors that share our core brand values and we take these relationships incredibly seriously to ensure we put our customers, employees and stakeholders first.”

    You can forget about buying an LG David Warner refrigerator.

    Both Smith and Warner were holding contracts worth $2.4 million to play in the IPL. Smith has already announced that he will step down for IPL club Rajasthan Royals. A pre-emptive strike it would seem.

    Warner may soon be out at the Sunrisers. It is only a question of who, Warner or the club, swings the axe.