• Meteoric Rise to Pinnacle of Darts Leaves Cross in Shock

    The next time you are left sitting on your hands for a couple of hours waiting for the electrician to show up to mend the wiring, you might as well nip down to the local boozer to inquire if one of the blokes playing darts might be able to help you.

    Do not expect to find Rob Cross there, however, as he now lists his occupation as “former electrician.”

    Cross only turned professional a little over a year ago before shocking the darts world by winning the 2018 world title in January.

    Cross beat his idol Phil Taylor and Cross beat the holder of 85 major titles and 16 world titles on Taylor’s last outing before heading off into retirement.

    What does a retired darts player do?

    Perhaps they take up croquet or lawn bowls.

    Cross picked up $800,000 for the victory. It moved him up the ranks to number three.

    “It’s been amazing … 18 months ago what’s happened now didn’t look possible. It’s been absolutely amazing,” Cross said.I always felt that I could do great things and the way that last year developed, I played well consistently. But to do it that quickly, no one could conjure that up in their minds, not even me.It was a fantastic thing for me because I always looked up to Phil. Whatever he did, he was always greater by that. He dominated the sport, he was everything that I wanted to be.”

    Cross did not just take up the game. He started at an early age, but used to play rugby until a groin injury cut that route short.

    To reach the level he has attained, Cross will practice twice daily most days of the week, and then play tournaments on the weekends.

    He says darts requires mental strength, rather than the physical strength needed for rugby.

    Come to think of it, it is hard to recall an incident of a darts player being scratched due to a groin injury.

    Protect those wrists, mate. They could be the path to fame and riches.