• Legendary Kiwi Bowlers Assured of Medals in National Championships

    The Bowls New Zealand National Championships is on and for those advocates of gender equality in sports, might we be so bold as to suggest that the sport of bowls, along with its rough equivalent version, played on ice and called Curling, would be excellent opportunities to obliterate gender distinctions?

    Abandoning our soapbox and returning to solid ground, Kiwi bowler Jo Edwards, despite having a rough go in the singles and the pairs, managed to get through to the semifinals in the fours, where she and teammates Val Smith, Tayla Bruce and Kirsten Edwards will attempt to secure a spot in the gold medal match.

    Edwards and her team got to their current spot with rather dominating performances against a composite team lead by Anne Bateman, won 24 – 6, and earlier on beat the Paritutu team lead by Cathy Andrews, that one by the score of 20 – 12.

    The Aussie men, meanwhile, has looked strong, showing few signs of stress in getting past the Kiwi composite side led by Gary Lawson.

    Peter Bellis and his side have made it to the semifinals in the fours.

    There will be several matches played on Friday to determine the remaining participants in all categories, with the medal matches to be played this weekend.