• Justin, not Jackie, Gleeson has Folau’s Scalp Mounted an on Display

    With Israel Folau as our poster child, we now claim the right never to be offended by anything anyone says.

    Don’t like our writing?

    It might be just one of the reasons hell awaits us in the afterlife.

    If it should turn out that reincarnation is the reality, we will come back as politically correct English teachers, even if the way we conduct our lives is more in keeping with our next life being that of a football player for the Carlton Blues.

    That is how much we deserve to suffer.

    It seems that the deciding factor in Folau’s fall from grace was the admission that there was a distinct chance that some of his controversial social media posts could offend people.

    By that logic, the U.S. will soon be looking for a new President, as the posts coming out of the highest office in the land are seldom complimentary.

    Rugby Australia simply should not be involved. Not prior, not during and not after the fact.

    We find their involvement highly offensive.

    Poor Folau was hectored beyond belief by RA counsel Justin Gleeson, although for some duration during the hearing, Folau held the stance that his controversial words were straight from the Bible.

    Thankfully, the Bible does not have social media accounts, or at least, we think it does not.

    If we were to be hired as editors and told to remove anything that could possibly offend anyone, the first phrase to go would be, “In the beginning,” since time might be offended by the suggestion that there was nothing that predated the beginning.

    If the Wallabies were to somehow manage to beat New Zealand at some point, it would be highly offensive to the All Blacks and their supporters, so RA had better watch its step, because “Hell hath no fury like a Kiwi footballer scorned.”