• Israel Folau in Trouble Once Again for his Unruly Thumbs

    Quick. What is the common trait that connects US President Donald Trump and Waratahs and Wallabies star Israel Folau?

    They both seem to have a penchant for exposing their stupidity via social media.

    For details regarding The Donald, check online, or follow the man on Twitter.


    He is up to his old shtick, issuing proclamations that those who do not live Life According to Folau are destined for an eternity of damnation and a fiery afterlife in hell.

    Rugby Australia attempted to have constraints placed retroactively in Folau’s $4 million contract that was signed last year. Folau refused. Rugby Australia terminated his contract.

    Tell you what, if someone was paying us $4 million and asked us only to play rugby and keep or mouths shut, we would never speak again.

    We will stay mum for a fiver and a couple of schooners.

    Forget the part about the fiver and make it one schooner.

    Folau is on the clock to lodge notice if he intends to see the matter through the court system, but his beliefs are posing a real threat to his career and the Waratahs can ill afford to lose him, not to mention what his ouster could mean to the Wallabies with World Cup coming along toward the end of 2019.

    Rugby Australia is pursuing the angle that Folau breached the standard code of conduct.

    Folau’s NSW and Australia teammate Nick Phipps took the side of RA.

    It is expected that Folau will request a hearing. A finding by the three-person panel that adjudicates cases could find that Folau has committed no breach, leaving him free to carry on with his inflammatory posts and play rugby.

    RA could pay out Folau’s contract, but that would have dire consequences for Super Rugby in terms of the financials and the sponsors would be seen running for the hills.