• Hayne Hints at Hop to Fiji and 2019 World Cup

    Jarryd Hayne wants to switch codes again, but not to the same level as when he said goodbye to the Eels and went chasing a job in American professional gridiron.

    This won is simply from league to union. Purists will argue, but going to a code where the same game is played, but the number of players changes, is not exactly going from pipe bender to neurosurgeon.

    Parramatta has failed to offer Hayne what Hayne considers his true worth. He is reportedly willing to talk with St. George, but if that should fail to materialise, so if Hayne were to switch codes, he could potentially represent Fiji at the 2019 World Cup.

    Just as Hayne failed to have the way paved for him to play for Fiji in Olympic Sevens in 2016, however, top honchos in Fiji have shown little interest in having Hayne on their World Cup squad.

    Fijian officials are suspicious that Hayne is only using the threat of a code jump to gain leverage in his NRL negotiations.

    Hayne seems to wait too long to make his switches. French Top 14 football would have given him a pay envelope of prodigious proportions, but that competition is already underway and all the French could offer him is a contract as an injury replacement, and perhaps one of those tiny cups of coffee.

    Hayne is out of contract with Parramatta and have only about $200,000 left for next season, which is well short of the $700,000 Hayne would prefer.

    Leaving Gold Coast to return to Parramatta cost Hayne a large sum, but most would agree that escaping the Titans at any price is a bargain.

    The Eels have two spots open on their list, but making room for Hayne might necessitate the sort of book jiggering that often lands NRL clubs in the league sin bin.

    While Parramatta burns, Hayne fiddles, and there is no turning back the clock on a 33-year-old player.