• Hansen Unsympathetic to Super Rugby Naysayers

    It is a universal complaint, but in this case, it seems that the whinging should be going in the opposite direction, as the All Blacks are a national brand and anything they do should far exceed in significance anything to do with Super Rugby.

    Yet, some are expressing dissatisfaction that an All Blacks training camp, in this case, the second, is disrupting training for the final round of the 2018 Super Rugby League competition.

    All Blacks’ chief Steve Hansen would like to see a halt to the complaining, referring to the complainers as “Sulky Sallys.” He might have used different adjectives and nouns, but these two are the ones that made it into publication.

    The camp started yesterday and concludes tomorrow, but with the June Test coming along, some disruption is to be expected and if a few of the New Zealand Conference sides are thrown off a bit, the worst that can happen is that they could drop the odd game or two to the Aussies.

    I know I am repeating everything I told you earlier in the year, but am happy to do it again,” Hansen said from the team hotel in Christchurch, when asked for input regarding the situation.

    “Is it ideal for everybody? No. But it is what it is and we have had plenty of time to plan for it, and plenty of time to understand. When you look at the results (at the weekend), what effect did it really have?”

    Hansen was referring to the wins by the Chiefs and the Highlanders, along with the Crusaders beating the Hurricanes.

    The All Blacks are prepping for a Test with France. Most of the Kiwis are more than a little familiar with the country, as many of them abandon New Zealand at the first opportunity for the big money they can get from French clubs.

    It is hard to make everyone happy, according to Hansen.

    “Everyone has to make a sacrifice,” he said. “We have to be flexible and adaptable to the world that we live in.”

    Words of wisdom, regardless of the endeavour involved.