• Foran Future Clouds Plans of both Himself and Warriors

    It is hard to ascribe the term “diva” to the ongoing antics of troubled child NRL player Kieran Foran, but not impossible.

    There seems to be some sort of disturbance following in his wake, some of it beyond his control, some exclusively his own doing, but there you have it.

    The most recent is that the talented-but-troubled five eighth has been linked to the Melbourne Storm for 2018, supplying the Warriors with a distraction that would have to be described as unwelcome.

    Foran is currently riding a wave of positive energy, the best since he showed up in Auckland, but the Warriors realise that the mercurial nature of Foran can offer an unexpected shift at any time. They plan to decide his future, from their perspective at least, by the end of April.

    The Warriors acknowledge that he has had a positive impact on the team and when he is feeling right, his talent is undeniable as he displayed recently when the Warriors hosted the Eels, despite his not being in top form physically.

    At the moment, Foran is dealing with the distraction of agents bombarding him with promises and offers in order to shake some low-hanging fruit from the Foran money tree.

    Possibly the worst move Foran could make, however, would be a return to party culture that seems to be an ongoing saga of temptation for the Sydney-based clubs.