• All Blacks Coach Hansen to View Six Nations from New Zealand

    If one of the head men in the NBA was to say that they had no scouts out to Cleveland to keep an eye on LeBron James, Mr. James might take exception and view the desire by opposing scouts to avoid Cleveland in the dead of winter as a slight, but when All Blacks Coach Steve Hansen decides to watch the British and Irish Lions from the friendly confines of New Zealand, all eyebrows remain in their natural position.

    There are three Tests in the months of June and July against the Poms and the Mics, but Hansen shows no inclination to return the respect Lions Coach Warren Hansen displayed by attending every All Blacks test since he took up his current position last year.

    So, Hansen will not be attending the Six Nations, as to him, it makes little sense to spend the funds to watch a combination team personally when watching on television should be every bit as revelatory.

    It could also be a case of empty pockets, as the All Blacks spent lavishly in order to retain Ben Smith, who was tempted by free-spending European clubs that would have liked to add a star fullback to their lists.