• All-Blacks​ ​Lose​ ​Stunner​ ​Gimmick​ ​Match​ ​to​ ​Ireland​ ​in​ ​Chicago

    If there is anything an Irishman loves to do more than drink, it would have to be fight and the Irish rugby side won a fight with the All-Blacks to post their first-ever win in international play.

    In the category of “You cannot Make This Stuff Up,” the game was held at Soldier Field in Chicago and supplied an uncommon slice of humble pie to the New Zealand rugby side that has had most things go its way for a seemingly endless time.

    The shamrockers beat the Kiwis, not by squeaking past, but convincingly, the final score being 40 – 29.

    It would almost seem as though the Wallabies’ side was substituted for the All-Blacks, as the outcome would suggest.

    For the greensters, it was their first win over New Zealand in 29 attempts going all the way back to 1905, making it a drought that exceeds by three years that of the Chicago Cubs that had not won a World Series since 1908 before defying the odds to come back this year from a three games to one deficit to the Cleveland Indians.

    The All-Blacks were missing key players at the outset and lost more during the course of the game, but stalwart New Zealanders refused to stand behind that or any other excuse.