• Ben Smith Probable to Join All Black Exodus to France

    France continues to poach rugby players from New Zealand and informed reports indicated that the next All Black to head for northern climes will be Ben Smith.

    Smith is targeted for Pau, where there would be little in the way of a language barrier with which to deal, as past All Black players Colin Slade, Tom Taylor, Jamie Mackintosh and Conrad Smith are all there and will be able to acclimatize Smith with the locations of the best bistros and cabarets.

    A move to France by Smith could have a ripple effect, as his departure might influence Dagg to stay, rather than bolt to Toulon, where he was linked back in October.

    Another gone but not forgotten All Black, Aaron Cruden, has taken up residence with Montpellier, so it would seem at times as though France and New Zealand could simply exchange countries and save everyone the bother. Hearing New Zealander rugby players butchering the French language with a Kiwi accent is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list, for certain.

    British clubs are inserting themselves into the mix as well. Northampton and Bristol have sought the services of various Kiwis at one time or another.

    The monetary incentives are just too lucrative to ignore.